what we do : your first visit

  1. Upon arrival, you will be requested to complete several forms for Spinoconcept to obtain information about your contact details and health status along with providing consent to receive a preliminary chiropractic assessment and treatment. For your convenience, these forms are available for download here and can be completed prior to your first consultation.

  2. Once the forms have been submitted, the chiropractic assistant (Qualified Orthopaedic & Critical Care Nurse) will then guide you to a private consulting room where further health history screening will be carried out. This helps to prepare the Chiropractor to undertake a comprehensive structural examination and also assists in determining whether your condition falls within the realm of the clinic's care capacity.

  3. The assessment will now begin with your Chiropractor who will undertake physical, neurological, orthopaedic, and functional chiropractic assessments. During this time, we encourage you to discuss your specific health concerns, treatment questions and individual health objectives with the Chiropractor.

  4. During the chiropractic assessments, great care will be undertaken to examine and functionally test BOTH the symptomatic and non-symptomatic structural regions of your body. This allows the Chiropractor to 'map out' precisely how these different parts of your body may be interacting, silently compensating or interfering with each other to result/contribute to your primary problems.

  5. Following your extensive structural assessment, new or additional imaging/scans may be needed depending on the findings of the initial examination. Spinoconcept has a range of trusted and cost-effective referral contacts for specialist imaging.

  6. Depending on assessment findings, and the nature and acuteness of your condition, treatment may be initiated on your first visit. Otherwise, in the interests of your long-term health, initial treatment will be deferred until all investigation results are available.