what we do : stabilisers & orthotics

Stabilisers are not podiatric orthotics. Manufactured by Foot Levellers Inc, a Spinal Pelvic Stabiliser (SPS) is a uniquely chiropractic product that allows complete support for the three arches inside the foot. The degree of support with the SPS is set at the lower limit of normal so that it dampens and blocks excessive movement, but allows normal joint motion and neurological feedback that standard orthotics fail to provide.

The SPS is highly recommended to be worn as a preventative and protective device against the damaging effects of abnormal feet biomechanics. It is the only product with integrated tri-arch multi-planar vault supports, low-profile design for a broad range of footwear applications, flexibility for sports performance and encourages normal foot/ankle joint mobility and function. Price range $259-$459

Conventional orthotics are usually rigid casts (may be done with 3-D scans) with single-arch (usually inside arch only) rigid support. Many studies now indicate this rigidity actually places unnecessary stress onto the other foot and leg structures resulting in instability of the ankle and knee joints (hypermobility). Price range $350-$750

For patients that do require more medial (inside) arch support, Dr. Henry will custom make the orthotics using semi-rigid closed-cell EVA material to achieve compromise between rigid podiatric and dynamic foot stabilisers. This is often prescribed as a predecessor to stabilisers allowing the feet and body to slowly adapt to the correct position and develop better muscular and postural balance control.

Recommendation for Spinal Pelvic Stabilisers is made based on the degree and type of support required and the extent of structural change needed (if any) in the lower limbs.