what we do : sports work injuries

Why is SpinoConcept providing solutions to Work and Sports related injuries? The answer lies in their extensive knowledge of the human body which enables precise analysis of each problem and true integration of their treatments. No part of the human body acts in isolation. Therefore each injury involves a range of interconnected tissues, nerves or ligaments that need to be considered in the delivery of the solution. Common problems successfully treated at Spinoconcept include:

  • Tennis Elbow / RSI
  • Sprained Ankles
  • Joint Function Problems (hips, knees, shoulders)
  • Postural / Ergonomic Degeneration
  • Pre Surgery Conditioning
  • Post Surgery Rehabilitation

To compliment their extensive knowledge of injury rehabilitation, SpinoConcept harnesses cutting edge Electro-Therapeutic Technologies to ensure the most efficient and sustainable pathway to recovery. This technology includes:

Electromyo Stimulation: For muscle re-conditioning and strengthening to prevent muscle atrophy due to de-nervation.

Interferential Current: Vitalises the cell's ability to heal and stimulates soft tissue repair

Russian Current: For muscle re-education to improve muscle memory

Ultrasound: For the reduction of scarring and inflammation

SpinoConcept also incorporates Functional / Kinesio Taping which enhances function of supporting structures to allow speedy recovery without restricting movement.