cbp explained : cbp diagnosis

When the CBP spinal and pelvic model is applied to patient X-rays, the CBP practitioner can determine the structural problems of the patient and formulate a strategy to return the spine and pelvis to normal alignment.

There are 4 broad categories of spinal distortion patterns and each requires a different approach to care. These patterns are analysed, studied and presented/explained to the patient during the report session.

Every patient at SpinoConcept is offered several options according to their diagnosis, both for short-term relief or long-term corrective care:

  1. Postural rotations and translations, and their resultant spinal coupling patterns.
  2. Saggital plane buckling or snap-through causing loss of curvature, S-curve or complete reversal
  3. Coronal plane buckling - various types of side bending, translation and Scoliosis
  4. Segmental instability – Antero/Retro listhesis (slippage), hypermobility etc.